Are you fed up with dieting and lack of consistency?

I help women to trust themselves again so that they do not have to diet ever again.

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About me

 Hi, I am Monika and I love  healthy life, fulfilling career, business which brings money and satisfaction and amazing marriage which is not only practical (you know how it is after many years) but romantic for as long as possible.

I am a Mum to an 11-year-old daughter and my passion is health and financial women empowerment. I strongly believe that good health is the foundation of everything we do in our life. I also believe too many women are in the hamster wheel , going round, feeling that something is missing and not having the clarity and courage to take the next step. Having clarity around what freedom, success and life means to me, allowed me to design the work life around my and my family needs, to be at my best , utilising my skills and my strengths. I am reporting to myself, and I can say which project I want to work on and which  not. 

I truly believe that women empowerment lies in being financially independent. Understanding how money works, how we can make more money and how we can spend and invest it is the key.

After 15 years of corporate career I decided to follow my passion for a healthy  life and helping other women to raise up and thrive. Far too often we give everything to others and little to ourselves. The key is to find balance, enjoyment without shame and guilt. We fully deserve it.

I truly believe that women in business can change this world for better, have more satisfying careers and be financially empowered to leave a legacy for their children and thrive in their businesses not for one year but forever in amazing health.

I am on a MISSION.

If this is what you want as well and more let’s connect!


Is plant-based meal planning easy? Yes!

In this ebook, you will find a selection of recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can create delicious and nutritious meals following a few simple principles and your own intuition. I explain umami taste, simple meal planning rules. I explain Magic Plate structure and as a bonus, you will get a weight management plan, perfect if you want to jumpstart your healthy eating and lose some weight. I know that our life can get very busy so I do not want you to spend hours and hours in the kitchen but little preparation goes a long way (it can save even 4 hours during the week.


Monika has inspired me to really change my lifestyle.

The things you learn from Monika are for life and every week brings a new realisation and learning curve. I am grateful for the experience and the knowledge I am gaining about myself and various techniques on how to transform into a better version of myself.

Anyone questioning whether it is worth the investment, Yes it is! You are worth it and the experiences you have will serve you for life.


Business Owner, Doterra Essential Oils

Monika’s program has been a  great experience and I learned a lot about new food and how to eat. I discovered a new style of eating effortlessly with a quick improvement in my diet. Not only I feel healthy but motivated to try new food and carry on with my new way of eating. Monika’s program also includes practices for meditation which I found very helpful to complete a general improvement in my overall energy. I feel I have a better lifestyle now. I managed to lose over 7 kg (15lbs), as well as fat around my belly, however losing weight was a secondary issue which happened during the process. I highly recommend this Program to anyone thinking seriously to end dieting once and for all and gain freedom and new life.


Medical Doctor

I have been coached by Monika since January 2020. Getting to know her has a coach has been such a rewarding experience. She has helped me analyze and reflect on my feelings and why I’m not moving forward with my goals. Her coaching helped me confront my long-held beliefs about myself that stopped me from realizing my full potential. Monika is a great listener and creates a safe and welcoming environment for you to share your feelings. She’s very knowledgable and I highly recommend her!


Health Coach

Monika was so helpful from start to finish. Her initial Zoom call was no charge, where she identified my problem and came up with a step by step solution.
She took me through the stages, and how I would feel. Each element was clear. It was pretty strict but I was able to follow it and I didn’t ‘fall off the waggon’! Basically, I was not hungry, due to the nutritional value of the food and the fact it sustained my needs. To my amazement, I felt better every day.
Now, I feel better than I have done for a whole year …. and I lost some weight, the start of my journey. I feel confident that Monika will steer me forward in my ‘Weight Loss Journey’.


Business Owner, The Hat Historian

I joined Monika’s 12 weeks Life Coaching program just before the pandemic, with a very vague idea of what I really wanted to gain out of it!
It was an incredible process to gain understanding and clarity of my own thoughts and feelings. To align my actions with who I am… Allowing myself to be true me
My biggest takeaway is ‘life is too short to be stuck in your own head’. I have always believed it is not about the destination but the journey; with Monika’s support, patience and empathy; I feel re-directed on my correct path!


Associate Engineer

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