Monika’s Story

I am so delighted that you found time to read my story. I know that there are so many things on the web that want to grab your attention. 

Not long ago I was a successful Senior Manager in the engineering company working in the Supply Chain. I traveled the world and was hoping to climb high with my dedication to the company and profession. However, the longer I was there I started to realize that something was missing. Have I made a mistake investing all my energy and time in the job which would never fulfill me? No matter how much energy I was putting into it, I never seemed to find the result I wanted. I had to do training which was nothing to do with my job. I had to execute projects which I did not like. On many occasions, I felt disappointed and hopeless that whatever I did, nothing changed. I was also desperate for role models in the organisation but I could not find the ones I could follow and say YES I want to be her in few years time.

One thing which kept me going was many people I met and had a pleasure to work with.

Needless to say, I hit the burnout and was signed off sick. With mild depression and total confusion in my head, I started recreating my life with a blank piece of paper. I always had a passion for wellness and for helping people to thrive. I was involved in training and mentoring in the company but what  I truly wanted was to empower people to pursue what they were craving in their life. I suffered from poor health, weight gain and poor skin. I said enough is enough and this has to change. In January 2018 I joined Veganuray movement after seeing the ad on the London tube. This has totally changed my life. I started learning about the health benefits of plant-based diet as well as horrific details about animal suffering and impact on our plant the animal agriculture has.

I had some savings and decided to invest in ME. I signed for the Vegan Chef course at the College of Naturopathic Medicine and later that year in December for Become a Health Coach Training with Health Coach Institute.

Big investments in my life, both financially and time-wise as I was still in my fulltime employment. Somehow, I managed to get to London on Saturdays (two per month) and it was not fun in winter but I loved cooking in the kitchen.

In July 2019 I left my corporate job and set up Live Well Coaching Ltd to pursue career which I love and create a legacy for my daughter that she can be whoever she wants no matter at what stage of her life and that the passion is critical to the job satisfaction and fulfillment more than security and money.

My story in Wellness has only just begun…………………..

Join me to help you on your journey to healthier and happier you!

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