How to Help Your Gut in These 5 Steps

How to Help Your Gut in These 5 Steps

I love Spring and it is by far my favourite season. It brings mixed weather, longer and warmer and sunnier days.

It is the season for some great vegetables.  Some are grown in UK and most of them are perfect for our gut. I can’t wait to explore local farmers markets to pick some fresh goodies.

I love March because my  beloved wild garlic grows and it  can be found in woodlands. I love making pesto with it with a handful of roasted almonds, 1 tbs of nutritional yeast and some salt. I added it to asparagus or eat with seeded crackers. You can use leaves and flowers for flavouring sauces. I make a bit more pesto and I freeze it for later in the year.

wild garlic

Another great vegetable is chicory. It has a slightly bitter taste so perfect for your gut. Bitter food helps healthy gut and digestion. It helps secretion of digestive enzymes which helps the absorption of the nutrients from food. Try chicory sun salad: separate leaves wash them and put on the plate in the form of sun as the picture. Cut up some cucumber, tomatoes and courgettes in cubes sprinkle over the chicory leaves.  You can serve with garlic pesto or simple vinegrette made with olive oil, wholegrain mustard, 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar and some fresh herbs like parsley and basil.


My five  steps to Heal Your Gut:

When I do a cleanse Program I like to spread it over three weeks as it gives me more time to mentally and physically prepare for

  1. Week 1 –  prepare- plan, recipes, shopping and slow withdrawal of dairy, gluten, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, soya products

2. Week 2  – Start with the cleanse – in order to populate your gut with beneficial bacteria it is good to flush some toxins out first. You can use the bentonite clay cleanse – mix one rounded teaspoon of bentonite clay powder in a large glass of plain water (at least 230ml) and using plastic spoon or wooden mix it (do not use metal as bentonite is magnetic). Leave it for 30 min, before drinking stir again. Drink additional glass of water immediately afterwords and drink plenty of water through the day. You can also try herbal cleanse with marshmallow root (check with your doctor if you have any pre-existing conditions or are on medication before starting any cleanse)

3. Week 2 – Withdraw main food/drink groups which may cause allergies and inflammation: gluten, dairy, sugar, caffeine, soya products, alcohol; this can be temporary , however once you withdraw those groups you want to notice how you feel without them. You can slowly reintroduce some of them in week 2 or 3.

4. Week 2 – Introduce green leafy vegetables to ensure plenty of prebiotics.  Prebiotics are specific types of fiber that provide energy for the beneficial bacteria in your gut. Take one green veg you do not know and prepare feel meals of healthy snacks – I love kale crisps! Wash few handfuls of kale, spread on the roasting pan, sprinkle with some salt and oil and nutritional yeast if you have it. Roast at 180 degree for 10 mins – you want them crips but not very brown. You can also try my gut healing broth – recipe here

5. Week 3 – Slow reintroduction of the food groups. Start with gluten for two days and notice how you feel; go back to cleanse eating and reintroduce another group in two days. Continue with reintroduction for how long you want and notice which food groups impact your digestion.

I have specifically designed 21 days Cleanse Program and next one starts on 16 March for three weeks with Facebook group support.

You can also download my Detox guide here


You can subscribe here, it costs £67 for three weeks (normal price £127).

gut health

I will send you more information and payment details.

Beetroot is also a fantatstic food great for liver and digestion, try this beetroot soup:

Moroccan Beetroot Soup with Mint Yogurt

Prep Time15 mins
Cook Time45 mins
Author: Rachel de Thample


Mint Yogurt

  • 300 g coconut yogurt
  • pinch of sea salt
  • 4 springs fresh mint leaves finely chopped


  • 1 kg beetroot peeled and cut into 3-4 cm dice (use gloves)
  • 2 onions sliced
  • 3 garlic cloves peeled
  • 30 g olive oil
  • 2 tsp cumin seeds toasted
  • 1 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp ground coriander
  • 1/2 tsp ground ginger
  • 1-1 1/2 l vegetable stock
  • 2 springs fresh mint leaves finely chopped
  • 1 orange or lime juice and zest
  • sea salt and freshly ground pepper to taste


  • 1. For the soup, heat the oven to 200C/180c fan/Gas 6.
    2. Combine the beetroot, onion and garlic into a bowl along with the salt and the olive oil. Roast for 35 mins or until fully tender.
    3. Once the vegetables are cooked, fold the spices through.
    4. Add the roasted vegetables to the blender and along with the zest and juice, herbs and warm stock, along with seasoning. Blend until smooth. Serve with the mint yogurt

Are you playing the game you want to win?

Are you playing the game you want to win?

It is no secret that by this time a lot of us decided to venture out into a not so healthy path and back to our old habits. There is nothing wrong with that and it is part of the journey. For many of us getting into the healthy lifestyle takes courage, time and finding the true big WHY to ensure follow through.

On average each person who has problems with weight tries 7/8 times to lose it. Different diets, supplements, extensive exercise. Finally, many arrive into the conclusion that only small steps work with first of all fixing the nutrition and then adding the rest to the plan. They finally arrive exhausted from trying for so many years and are ready to try something new and more consistent.

vegan cheesecakes

We have been programmed to love sugar and flour as eating those foods ensured that we could survive times when food was scarce. We are designed to store fat and constantly seek pleasure.

The trouble is we have access to food 24/7 and we use it especially to eat our emotions. When you think about it, sugar and food is present when we are sad and when we celebrate. We have treats for good behaviour and treats when we feel stressed and bad. However, in life we  feel 50% bad and 50% good. We can’t feel always good as this is not part of human experience. Constantly seeking pleasure is also not good and does not allow us to mature with our feelings and build that mental resilience we need to cope with various things in life.

It is not enough to learn how to lose weight , you have to practice this everyday. 3, 6 , 8 weeks programs are only giving you a baseline to changing your lifestyle so that you make more room for living and less room for eating. I know sticking to a healthy lifestyle is not easy to fit in into social norms. We evolved to be like everyone else. We want to be accepted and part of the tribe, we do not want to clarify our values or worse being challenged. It is safer that way.

You can get  pleasure from food but you also can get pleasure in any other meaningful way to you without the detriment to your health and lifestyle. One example is alcohol, we are perfectly fine with none of it in our life, but we feel like we have to have it as part of a social occasion or because it gives us pleasure.

One way I want to think about the energy I get and pleasure to drive an action or result to achieve something amazing. Amazing things happen when you allow urges and cravings and then they happen less and less.

That new gained energy  can be used to learn something new, sign up for some new yoga or exercise classes. Take part in a cooking workshop or save money for the trip you always wanted to go to.

Also remember that you play the game you want to win. If you binge on sugary treats , what game are you trying to win?  You always have a choice which is in alignment with your desired state. I do believe that each behaviour has a positive intention. Quite often you binge to look for understanding, closeness, company and love. However,  you are not sure how to address all these emotions and what desired state you really want for yourself.

Below I share some  5  tips to Spring clean your lifestyle with more energy and zest for life.

  1. Take everything that worked for you in the past and put on the paper and see if you can take one technique and use it consistently over several weeks – e.g. I know that I have dip in energy mid afternoon, I will have a healthy snack with me to feel less tempted to buy coffee and cookie at that time.
  2. Enroll in a new activity you have not tried before or you did as a child – e.g. hula hoop
  3. Spring clean your gut – Spring is perfect time to start cleanse and reset some old habits; you usually have more energy and days are sunnier and longer
  4. Go for a walk out in nature – great excuse to visit nearby woodland and start picking some fresh birch leaves or wild garlic for delicious pesto
  5. Consider working with coach to support you in your goals and help you to create a surplus springboard from which you can create healthy lifestyle you desire. Health is one of the most important elements of our life without it we have no energy for anything and when we run our own business who will look after it when you do not feel well? Don’t put off self-care for some other day. Make it a priority NOW.

Above all love yourself. Losing weight requires that you love the body you are in. Because if you don’t love it now, you won’t love it thin.

Your Coach M.

You can always book a free Breakhrough session with me to find out what is your desired state and how we could work together to get you to that state.

Book 45 min free session with me! 

I am a Health Coach and Plant-Based Chef. I work with people who are fed up with dieting and I help them to build healthy habits so that they do not have to diet ever again.

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How to Look Good Naked in 6 Weeks

How to Look Good Naked in 6 Weeks

Being a woman in my 40ties, I am honest with you, standing naked in front of the mirror is not my favourite activity. However, when I do stand there I do not criticise any part of my body but I look at potential to improve it if I want to.

We can be very judgmental about how we look, what we eat and that we do not exercise as frequently as we would like to. There is a lot of self-negative talk which focuses our energy on non-productive activities.

Non-diet approach to weight loss is now a new kid in town. I see a lot of advertising on this very topic to build intuitive eating, recognize our hunger and fullness scale. Focus on chewing and eating organic whole foods removing all processed food and sugar.

However, is this so simple? I think it can be if we are patient and understand that it will not happen overnight. 6 weeks is a good time to establish some healthy habits but our body needs around 3 – 6 months to adjust to changes and even then it may take longer. Bottom line is the more consistent you are the better results you will have long term. Below are few tips on losing some body fat and getting lean mainly based on principles of plant-based meals and whole organic food.

Below are my few tips for establishing healthy habits and love and gratitude for our body.

  1. Eat good breakfast and lunch. Especially breakfast seems to burn more calories from the same meal eaten at lunch or at dinner. It is due to our circadian rythm, thermogenesis (heat production) and storing glycogen in our muscles ready to face the day (nutritionfacts.org). Also during morning the insulin works better making sure that our blood sugar is levelled and it can be far worse in the evening (I confirm that 100% when I check my blood sugars).  Try good smoothie with plenty of fibre and healthy fats such as pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, and flaxseeds – you can even add a bit of avocado and spoon of coconut oil. cashew chickpea sandwich

2.  Eat healthy fats – they keep us fuller for longer plus they are required  for special enzymes to be activated for the absorption of fat and also bile excertion from the liver. Additionally when you take supplements Vitamin A, K D and E are only fat soluble so to enable absorption again adding healthy fat is recommended. Adding a bit of avocado and nuts and seeds to your breakfast is a good idea.

green smoothie

3. Eat protein with every meal – we can’t expect to stay fuller for longer if we have no protein. Adding protein powder to smoothies is a  good solution and I recommend Nuzest (ask me for a discount code or subscribe to Newsletter to get it). lunch also needs protein and beans, chickpeas, broccoli, sprouts, lentils are all very good to have.


4. Add meditation, breathing work and gratitude practice to release stress. Stressed body cannot absorb nutrients and build the immunity. I have been doing miracle mornings which is really time for myself in the morning and it greatly helps me together with exercise.


5. Add exercise – if you have not been regular, gradually add some exercise and build consistency. Add some cardio – skipping rope, jumping jacks and some resistance training. My tummy got flatter when I started weight lifting. You contract the muscles a lot so it helped but you really lose your belly fat in the kitchen  and then you tone your body. Good ABS exercise – there are plenty on you tube to do every morning or evening is also a good idea. 

Add each of the above every week one by one and notice how you feel. The more changes you make in a very short time, the longer it takes for your brain to adjust and stop resisting the change. Celebrate each tiny success and do not aim for perfection. Give yourself good consitent 6 weeks and create the change you always wanted and deserve!

I am running my plant-based 6 weeks weighloss bootcamp which starts on 03rd February whwre we explore all of these actions in details and implement one by one. Follow the link here.

Remember you are work in progress and that is more than enough.

Love M.