Having ideas about what you want from life is a great thing, but feeling like they are achievable is not always so easy.  Everyone can feel overwhelmed by the ‘end goal’ which can seem so large and unattainable that we struggle with how to move towards it.  We worry that we are going to fail, that it won’t be perfect straight away, or that it just isn’t the right time to make those changes.  But it doesn’t need to feel like that. I have been (mostly) successfully implementing small steps each day to achieve a bigger goal trying to be grateful for each of them without complaining that I could have done more. When you work full time and at the same time developing something else as well keeping your family happy, each day can feel like a struggle. The more time and heart you commit to your new project, unfortunately, more fear you will feel. Quite often it is a feeling of self-doubt and hopelessness. With zen habits for dealing with one step at the time ( and it takes practice), focusing on a small thing each day, you will be prepared to face the day. Staying focus in today’s world surrounded by social media and somebody else’ lives, it seems to be an art in itself. 

A simple shift in our approach to achieving goals is sometimes all that is required.   At Wellbeing Seekers we are a community dedicated to helping our members live their lives in the best way that they can, by sharing a range of techniques, advice and products; from making the biggest of changes, to simply adapting your life slightly, we believe we have something to help everyone.  Here, we are going to show you how taking twenty minutes out of your day can set you on the right track to living your best life and bring a sense of calm to your day with zen.


Get Zen and move forward

We have taken inspiration from the ancient Mahayana Buddhists and found some simple Zen practices to easily intertwine with your daily routine.  Zen habits advise that following these easy meditations will help you to achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

  1. First of all, you need to make sure you are clear about what you want your end target to be.  It could be a family goal, a career goal, or something smaller like making more friends or taking up a new hobby. It is not an easy but important stage. It actually took me several months to understand what I wanted to achieve and when so devoting 20 minutes will not be enough for some complex goals. I had loads of ideas but I had to be realistic about some of them and I wanted to ensure they are time-bound. So what I did I took a piece of paper split into columns and wrote advantages and disadvantages of each one. Of course, some goals are simpler than others but some (like changing career) are quite complex and will have a great impact on your future life. I have also done my vision board which helped me a lot. (will post soon about how to create your own). 
  2. Embrace those feelings of fear and doubt you have, they are helpful. In fact, spend two minutes completely focusing on them.  Let them immerse you until you can feel that fear as a physical place in your body.  Once the two minutes are over you will be more comfortable with your fear; you have felt it completely and look….you are still standing.
  3. Next, pick a step that you want to complete today, but make sure it’s tiny, the smallest step towards reaching your target that you can think of.  It could be anything, a phone call you need to make, arranging a get-together with friends or signing up to a club you want to do; it’s important that it is a little thing.  Now focus on that.
  4. For the next fifteen minutes, you are going to devote yourself entirely to completing the step you have chosen.  Fifteen minutes, no more, no less.  Don’t let yourself get distracted, really go for it.
  5. So how did that go?  Did you manage to achieve what you wanted to?  Are you satisfied?  Do you need to adapt your course of action going forward?  Spend a few minutes assessing how it went.  This will inform the next tiny step you take. 

Practice your Zen habits

  1. Repeat for each of the small tasks on your list and after a short space of time, that weight on your shoulders and the burdens of your daily tasks won’t seem so arduous after all.
  2. Trust yourself.  By taking the smallest step one at a time, you have put yourself on the path to achieving the life you want. I can’t promise it will be ideal as my life motto is always learning from mistakes and moving on. There will be challenges, ups and downs but the satisfaction will be immense.       

The notion of Zen is an idea where we can realise the joy of being, it’s not a religion or something to convert to, but a vibrant and subtle way to feel interconnected with nature and all life. Using this simple state of mind in relation to daily tasks, incorporated with the modern bullet journal, is a great place to start for those wanting to find a new way to tackle the daily burden of those little niggling tasks we all find it hard to achieve.


Let us know how building zen habits is going.