How to Improve Your Immune system in 7 Steps

How to Improve Your Immune system in 7 Steps

We are living in the unprecedented times, however we need to stay calm and collected to come out stronger on the other side

Looking after your  immune system is one of the things you can do right now which will give you true benefits. Obviously it is not guaranteed, but can increase your chances to have milder symptoms as your immune system fights back.

It is also the time to build mental resilience. If you like me are a small business owner , these are though times but they shall pass. Even big businesses suffer  in a bear market. There is a lot of fear in times of uncertainty  and this is normal.

However, we are thinking human beings means that we can make reasonable choices based not only on now but in the longer term.Your feelings will create the actions. It is time to grow and dig in deeper into your feelings and who you are and then take appropriate actions. Netflix is fine for a moment but I suggest catching up with books, educational programs or even sign up for coaching to help you out. There is plenty for free at the moment and I do offer free sessions as well and paid Programs. We need to help economy and spend some money on lower end offerings and not on stocks and stocks of loo rolls. Money has to move! Consider also food delivery and take away service  to support local restaurants.

Managing our feelings and emotions is important so that we calm down and make good decisions which will have long term impact. We can’t control the situation but take China, they had to have strict measures in February and now they do not have many new cases means that after 8 weeks of a massive outbreak and strict control measures they are going back to normal slowly.

The best thing you can do right now is to lower your stress levels and boosting your immune systems with these 7 steps: 

1 . Drink and keep hydrated with water and herbal teas; Echinacea, Elderberry are particularly beneficial, can be also taken in the form of tincture or syrup (Pukka brand)– try local health shops, or Helios Homeopathy.

I also use Doterra On Guard oils blend which I put few drops to warm water and make a tea with some honey/maple syrup; it is the strong blend but by far the most effective for us – we use it all the time in cold and flu season;

Try fermented drinks Kombucha and Water Kefir to boost your gut health as over 70% immunity is created in your gut.

2. Consider taking Supplements – Vitamin C high dose is recommended 500 mg daily (not yet proven in studies on humans). Vitamin D3 – Better you is a great brand and they do have sprays; you can also take Probiotics (BioKult or OpticBac are great brands) if you are not keen on fermented food– it is recommended to do a gentle cleanse before populating your gut with good bacteria. Add also Zinc supplement. Consult with you healthcare specialist if you have any pre-existing medical conditions.

3. Garlic – I would juice it with lemons, orange, turmeric and ginger and put into 40 ml shots and drink one daily during this season; you can also take garlic supplements but raw is the best;

Try this recipe : Few garlic cloves (you can use even 2 bulbs if you want to), 2 oranges (skin off), 4 lemons (skin off), 1 turmeric root or 1tsp powder, pinch of cayenne pepper and good amount of ginger (how much you can bear?); you can freeze in ice cube trays and drink 40 ml each day. If you do not have  a juicer, blend in nutribullet in batches with some filtered water and sieve thru e.g. thru nut milk bag or sieve. It is better to have some of this goodness than none if you do not have a juicer.

4. Eat nutritious food such as papaya, broccoli and spinach; I add spinach to morning smoothies and make raw broccoli salad. Add some fermented food – try my recipe for Kimchi here.

5. Cook delicious food and make soups in particular – vegetable  broths/stocks – check my gut healing broth on my website, make sure you add shitake mushrooms as they seem to be beneficial for the immune system as well!

gut healing broth

6. Sleep well – don’t bombard yourself with news; there is plenty around so spend some time in the morning for meditation and good thoughts and gratitude! Have a good night routine! Sleep gives you the rest you need, improves your immunity, allows proper detoxification and improves your cognitive function. Well rested mind and body will make good decisions also about food as stress may cause cravings and binging on unhealthy food.

7. Exercise – it is not time for stopping exercise. Exercise, walks  boost your immunity and helps your body moving; try home workouts – plenty on You Tube – my favourite yoga with Adrienne, however do support people who run their classes online (eg. on Facebook) as they can’t get to the gyms and classes; if you have kids at home engage them as well. If we stay at home and do not move, eating all pastas and baked potatoes, we will put on weight. Do not stop your healthy habits, in contrary try to build them as you may have a little bit more time than ever.

Follow only official advice on COVID-19 from Public Health England and WHO to ensure legitimate information and instructions. Join my Facebook page WellbeingSeekers for live cooking demos and natural curated health advice.

Stay Healthy and Calm


Why I love Essential Oils from Doterra?

Why I love Essential Oils from Doterra?

My love for essential oils has started a long time ago. Whenever I go to a SPA I always take the aromatherapy massage. Combining smell and the tissue massage has amazing effects on your body and multiplies the impact. Aromatherapy has been practiced for centuries by different cultures. The use of herbal remedies is well documented for their medicinal properties. The signs of using plants for medicinal purposes is backdated to the prehistoric times. Ayurvedic medicine has been practiced for millennia and is still being used by 90% of the Indian population to treat not only the body but the mind and the spirit.

A short history of Aromatherapy*

essential oils

The aromatic plants and their extracts were used across Egypt, Greece, and the Roman empire. Cleopatra was well known for her everlasting beauty and lavish regimes. She loved to take baths in fermented milk infused with the essence of jasmine, myrrh and rose to preserve her youthfulness.

In XVII century England, Nicholas Culpepper was a botanist and herbalist who helped many people with herbal remedies. During the Great Plague of London, the ‘Plague Doctors’  wore beak-like masks with aromatic herbs and spices in order to protect them from the disease. Victorian brides carried bouquets using orange blossoms which were a symbol of purity but also in order to calm the nerves.

Unfortunately, with the rise of commercially produced drugs, the aromatherapy started to decline. Aspirin was invented in Germany by the end of the XVIII century and became popular due to its low cost, effectiveness and ease of use.

I still remember that as a child I did use aspirin for fever, however, paracetamol and other painkillers were not known. So in order to well deal with some minor ailments or stomach upsets, I drank chamomile tea and mint tea. I  remember sweating underneath the towel with my head above the bowl of hot water with some mint homemade oil in order to clear my nasal congestion. The syrup made with onions as well as garlic (tones of it) were all natural remedies which we still use nowadays. I was rarely sick when I was a child and never took antibiotics. I had no food allergies or intolerances.

Modern Aromatherapy


essential oils


The rise of modern medicine especially of the painkillers means that natural ways of curing some minor alignments are long forgotten. Over the counter drugs are easy to use, can be bought at the lowest price possible and usually act fast. What most of us do not realize is their side effects and overall possibility of negative impact on our overall immune system. The excessive use of paracetamol, which is highly toxic, negatively impacts our liver and digestive system. Our liver needs to work very very hard to breakdown the toxins and neutralize them so that they are not harmful to the body. The research has shown that Paracetamol overdose is one of the leading causes of liver failure. 

The investment and research into the therapeutic use of essential oils have grown significantly over recent years. This is due to various research showing not only the potent possibilities of the essential oils derived from plants and herbs grown all over the world but also the negative side effects of the commonly used drugs.


I long researched various essential oils companies before I embarked on the journey with Doterra. I tried Neal’s Yard, Young Living and other oils, but none of them gave the smell and effect I wanted. Take the simple and most common oil Lavender. The Doterra oil smells amazing and in my opinion the closest to a  real flowering shrub. I use it for my bedtime routine, adding to a diffuser, rollerball or inhaling from the hands. Lavender is also used in the absolutely serene blend – Serenity which supports a night of healthy sleep. I use it in the diffuser as well as I take two capsules before bed and I sleep peacefully,  waking up completely refreshed and rejuvenated.


I am very grateful for companies such as Doterra, which invest not only resources but hearts and minds to deliver the pure and effective products (essential oils, supplements, beauty, and cleaning)  around the world. Doterra contributes to developing communities and supporting small farmers, ensuring they get their fair share of capital from the sale of pure products. If you want to know more please visit the amazing site to learn where the oils are being made. The source to you shows heartwarming stories of many families and the impact Doterra has on their daily lives.

Lavender is also a great plant to grow in your garden. I have come across this site which has wonderful tips on how to grow healthy lavender plants.

How to grow Lavender – Happy DIY Home

The Essential Oils series will be continued

Share your thoughts and favorite essential oil.

* https://www.aromatherapyassociates.com



Are you playing the game you want to win?

Are you playing the game you want to win?

It is no secret that by this time a lot of us decided to venture out into a not so healthy path and back to our old habits. There is nothing wrong with that and it is part of the journey. For many of us getting into the healthy lifestyle takes courage, time and finding the true big WHY to ensure follow through.

On average each person who has problems with weight tries 7/8 times to lose it. Different diets, supplements, extensive exercise. Finally, many arrive into the conclusion that only small steps work with first of all fixing the nutrition and then adding the rest to the plan. They finally arrive exhausted from trying for so many years and are ready to try something new and more consistent.

vegan cheesecakes

We have been programmed to love sugar and flour as eating those foods ensured that we could survive times when food was scarce. We are designed to store fat and constantly seek pleasure.

The trouble is we have access to food 24/7 and we use it especially to eat our emotions. When you think about it, sugar and food is present when we are sad and when we celebrate. We have treats for good behaviour and treats when we feel stressed and bad. However, in life we  feel 50% bad and 50% good. We can’t feel always good as this is not part of human experience. Constantly seeking pleasure is also not good and does not allow us to mature with our feelings and build that mental resilience we need to cope with various things in life.

It is not enough to learn how to lose weight , you have to practice this everyday. 3, 6 , 8 weeks programs are only giving you a baseline to changing your lifestyle so that you make more room for living and less room for eating. I know sticking to a healthy lifestyle is not easy to fit in into social norms. We evolved to be like everyone else. We want to be accepted and part of the tribe, we do not want to clarify our values or worse being challenged. It is safer that way.

You can get  pleasure from food but you also can get pleasure in any other meaningful way to you without the detriment to your health and lifestyle. One example is alcohol, we are perfectly fine with none of it in our life, but we feel like we have to have it as part of a social occasion or because it gives us pleasure.

One way I want to think about the energy I get and pleasure to drive an action or result to achieve something amazing. Amazing things happen when you allow urges and cravings and then they happen less and less.

That new gained energy  can be used to learn something new, sign up for some new yoga or exercise classes. Take part in a cooking workshop or save money for the trip you always wanted to go to.

Also remember that you play the game you want to win. If you binge on sugary treats , what game are you trying to win?  You always have a choice which is in alignment with your desired state. I do believe that each behaviour has a positive intention. Quite often you binge to look for understanding, closeness, company and love. However,  you are not sure how to address all these emotions and what desired state you really want for yourself.

Below I share some  5  tips to Spring clean your lifestyle with more energy and zest for life.

  1. Take everything that worked for you in the past and put on the paper and see if you can take one technique and use it consistently over several weeks – e.g. I know that I have dip in energy mid afternoon, I will have a healthy snack with me to feel less tempted to buy coffee and cookie at that time.
  2. Enroll in a new activity you have not tried before or you did as a child – e.g. hula hoop
  3. Spring clean your gut – Spring is perfect time to start cleanse and reset some old habits; you usually have more energy and days are sunnier and longer
  4. Go for a walk out in nature – great excuse to visit nearby woodland and start picking some fresh birch leaves or wild garlic for delicious pesto
  5. Consider working with coach to support you in your goals and help you to create a surplus springboard from which you can create healthy lifestyle you desire. Health is one of the most important elements of our life without it we have no energy for anything and when we run our own business who will look after it when you do not feel well? Don’t put off self-care for some other day. Make it a priority NOW.

Above all love yourself. Losing weight requires that you love the body you are in. Because if you don’t love it now, you won’t love it thin.

Your Coach M.

You can always book a free Breakhrough session with me to find out what is your desired state and how we could work together to get you to that state.

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