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Do you want to feel full of energy, back on track with your health goals, full of positive thoughts?

Have you been stuck in the commercial dieting circle following unsustainable advice, or spending loads of time searching for solutions without implementing the plan?

Have you been mentally distressed with all this dieting actually putting more weight? Are you greatly disappointed with the results?

Have you been promising to yourself to go to that gym on regular basis but you have not been able to sustain it? (I have been there, paying for gym membership  and not really using it)

Have you been frustrated seeing other women in your age and their glowing health and you do not know how to get this yourself?

If you answered YES! to even one question above I’m glad you are here…

Being caught up in the vicious circle of dieting, negative thinking, excessive exercise or lack of it for months due to exhaustion and injuries is never a good place to be. I hear you!

You are frustrated with spending money on new diet plans, shakes or expensive gym membership but they still do not work.

You introduce the plan, keep it for few weeks but then give it up as life gets in a way.

You are craving to feel full of energy but you are confused with nutritional information available everywhere but not really personalised for you and your lifestyle.

You have heard about the benefits of plant-based lifestyle and wholesome food but you are confused where to start wasting a lot of time looking for a solution and starting point.

You are afraid of being stuck in the kitchen all the time cooking different meals for everyone.

You also do not want to feel rejected by your peers or feeling uneasy at social events and nights out.

You do not want to cause your hosts  any trouble for inviting you to dinner or lunch.

You do not want to feel stressed about food and what you will be eating especially when going out or going away.

You are frustrated with limited doctor’s advice (once you manage to get appointment)  and number of different medications you need to take only to find out that they do not work or worse have side effects. How frustrating , isn’t it?

I promise to help you with: 

planning your meals so they are wholesome and never a struggle and also do not cost a fortune, 

discovering your WHY for life long healthy habits, 

ditching the diet plans which indicate depravation, 

getting more energy and mental clarity, 

managing your weight consistently.

Realistic approach to busy life and Why it matters


We all have a busy lifestyle and the last thing I want is for you to spend it in the kitchen. I know that it cannot be the case.

Some of us like cooking some hate it. The truth is that the healthiest meals are those which you prepare yourself as you have control of what goes in them.

I teach you how to meal plan, batch cook and select your products in supermarkets.

I am a qualified Naturopathic Chef so I cater to all diets and allergies and lifestyles.

In the first weeks, we focus mainly on sugar and you will receive an easy guide to follow.

You will receive two cooking lessons either in person (location permitting) or over the zoom.

I am so excited to share the solution with you.

It is my 90 Day Program Fabulous over 40  that covers not only food but also mindset to get into your WHY of being healthy and full of energy for life is important for you.

It is easy to implement around your lifestyle. I provide personal support and almost hold hand to implement the plan step by step. My promise to you is to provide service with curated information without overwhelm. I will guide you through small actionable steps every week, give you clarity on nutrition and best food for energy and your body type. My program takes away stress from planning the meals as it is practical with cooking and shopping tips.

When you fully accept responsibility for your health and allow yourself to make better choices you can eliminate the need for:


Doctor’s appointments


Expensive medications that may make things worse


Going around a circle feeling hopeless and frustrated

Cost of Program is per application only –

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to find out more

What is included in the program:

Weekly calls , including emergency calls

surprise welcome pack (worth over £500)

mindset work and anchoring

recipes and meal plan tailored to you

Personal Chef Experience


Personal Branding 1 hr virtual  Session –

photo courtesy of Ginny Marsh Photography

VIP Day in a Beautiful Location (UK or around the world at additional cost as agreed)

Taking control of your health with this programme will: 

Restore Energy

Zest for Life

Better sleep routine

Take out stress from healthy cooking and eating out

Better weight management system

Give you confidence to stand up to your values when it comes to choosing healthy options.

I strongly believe in how you do one thing you do everything. I believe that we are all empowered to change our life with better and healthier options.

You do not need more information you need TRANSFORMATION.

Schedule free session with me and see how can I help you.


Monika has inspired me to really change my lifestyle.

The cleanse at the beginning was made easier than previous cleanses being able to talk through any reactions I had. And it is the first time I’ve continued with some of the good habits I started on cleanses.
Throughout it all Monika has found the balance of encouraging when she can see I’m in my own way or nurturing and understanding when it has been tough to progress. For this I am really grateful.

I’m now doing stretches and basic yoga, meditation and applying oils nearly every morning, which has had a profound affect on my mood and sense of calmness in daily life. I eat far more plant based foods then ever before and have actually come to ‘enjoy’ a green smoothie 😉 I regularly use various breathing exercises to manage daily stresses and am much closer to a lighter way of living. Even after 39 years of habits!

The last few weeks have been tough to find the time to spend on myself in between our calls and a few times I have thought ‘Its no good, It’s not worth the money cos I’m not taking the time in between calls’ but every time I have then come off the call with Monika and been so grateful I continued. The things you learn are for life and every week brings a new realisation and learning curve. I am grateful for the experience and the knowledge I am gaining about myself and various techniques on how to transform into a better version of myself.

Anyone questioning whether it is worth the investment, Yes it is! You are worth it and the experiences you have will serve you for life 😊 Enjoy!

Thank you Monika,


 My name is Gloria Cabrera and I have been coached by Monika since January 2020. Getting to know her has a coach has been such a rewarding experience. She has helped me analyze and reflect on my feelings and why I’m not moving forward with my goals. Her coaching helped me confront my long-held beliefs about myself that stopped me from realizing my full potential. Monika is a great listener and creates a safe and welcoming environment for you to share your feelings. She’s very knowledgable and I highly recommend her!


Monika’s program has been a  great experience and I learned a lot about new food and how to eat. I discovered a new style of eating effortlessly with quick improvement in my diet. Not only I feel healthy, but motivated to try new food and carry on with my new way of eating. Monika’s program also includes practices for meditation which I found very helpful to complete a general improvement in my overall energy. I feel I have a better lifestyle now. I managed to lose over 7 kg (15lbs), as well as fat around my belly, however loosing weight was a secondary issue which happened during the process . I highly recommend this Program to anyone thinking seriously to end dieting once and for all and gain freedom and new life.


Monika was so helpful from start to finish. Her initial Zoom call was no charge, where she identified my problem and came up with a step by step solution.
She took me through the stages, and how I would feel. Each element was clear. It was pretty strict but I was able to follow it and I didn’t ‘fall off the waggon’! Basically, I was not hungry, due to the nutritional value of the food and the fact it sustained my needs. To my amazement, I felt better every day.
Now, I feel better than I have done for a whole year ….and I lost some weight, the start of my journey. I feel confident that Monika will steer me forward in my ‘Weight Loss Journey’.


About me

I work fulltime as a certified Wellness Chef and Health Coach. I have been through my own transformation ( I walked the talk myself) . I was there almost over a year ago; depressed, with excess weight and no energy and passion for life; I took it in my own hands and decided enough is enough I wanted to live fulfilled life  full of passion and aligned with my values; that is why I know the system well, I know the pains and challenges; I have done it; it was not easy but I followed the steps and came out the other way; now I help others to have what I have love, passion, energy, good health, self-care routine, more time for what you love

I am a member of Association of Naturopathic Practitioners and UK Health Coaches Association. I am in continuous education with interest in science based nutrition and functional medicine with focus on digestive issues, gut health, weight management and diabetes.

My clients have had amazing results being thru my Program they discovered new energy and have better mental clarity to take their life and business forward.

This program is not for everybody, it is for people committed to achieve their life goals. It is for you if:

You are coachable  – I will give you some tough love  and you promise to implement the advice

You are committed and diligent – you keep the appointments and do your best – I know that life happens, but are you committed to resolve it or not?

You are generally high-achiever with bigger goals for life and your business or work 

You are honest with me – no secrets there as far as this program is concerned.

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