Daily life can seem like a repetitive cycle, a hamster in a wheel you could say (oh yes this is how I feel a lot of the days..). Work, family, the odd bit of exercise if you can find the time; most of us are trying to find a way to feel well, fit and healthy which works with our daily lives. For those who had busy lives and the daily grind of the corporate world is now behind them, we offer a new focus and a new direction to keep you active in body and mind. We have developed Wellbeing Seekers to make this dream a reality, with a community of like-minded individuals coming together to share tips, provide support and advice to help us all find the path we want to follow. Finding your own tribe of like-minded people gives you mental support you need as well as technical support anytime you need especially when starting your business or a new job or simply you want to figure out the future for yourself not feeling quite comfortable where you are right now. 

Whether it’s your career, family or the fact you just need a lift and to find a new direction in life, we believe this is where you should start. To give you a taste of what’s to come from us, here are our top picks from the experts to get you started:

The 5 am club

I am a great fan of waking up early, however it does take time to a build a new habit. You can do some much in the morning with peace and quiet. Few pieces of advice here: make sure your clock is not beside your bed so you actually need to stand up to switch it off and dress into different clothes the moment you wake up. Trust me on this!

Robin Sharma, expert on leadership and personal mastery, shares advice on how to ensure you get the most from your day and give your productivity an early morning boost.

1. Don’t eat after 7pm. You will sleep more deeply as well as more sweetly. It’s the quality not the quantity of sleep that is the most important.

2. Don’t lounge in bed after your alarm clock goes off. Jump out of bed and start your day. The more time you lie in bed after the alarm clock goes off, the greater the likelihood that the chatter of your mind will say something like “stay in bed. Sleep a bit more. You deserve it.”

3. Get into good physical condition. Being fit makes it easier to get out of bed in the morning.

4. Set BHAGs, meaning Big Hairy Audacious Goals (coined by Jim Collins.) Goals breathe life and energy into your days, goals inspire you and give you something to get out of bed for each morning. Goals turn invisible into visible (Tony Robbins).

5. Set your alarm clock 30 minutes early (or even earlier if you can), using this ‘newfound’ time to meditate, read or exercise. It really can make all the difference.

There are many varying options for kick-starting your day, but don’t take our word for it, try a variety of methods and see which one suits your routine. We also love the 6 Minute Miracle Morning, which is all about investing just 6 minutes into your morning, for a powerful and life-changing effect. I highly recommend reading the book the Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod – it is life changing! 


There are some fantastically helpful Apps, such as HeadSpace, giving genuine guidance on the use of mindfulness to kick-start your day, or relax at the end of a stressful one.

With bitesize meditations for busy schedules, those which can easily slot into your daily activities and specialist sleep meditations to ensure you know how to fall asleep peacefully. Wellbeing Seekers around the World are using Apps such as this to help them find a better way of living.

Meditation is recognised as an effective solution to stress and anxiety, but can also easily be slotted into a daily routine as a way to prepare for a day, or wind down after a busy one.   There are many benefits to taking a ‘mindful minute,’ such as enhancing self-awareness, lengthening attention span, as well as reducing age-related memory loss.

Bullet journaling

bullet journal

This simple way of organising your life and goals is becoming increasingly popular. I find it very therapeutic to put down my thoughts in writing every morning. This together with meditiation gives me grounding I need to face each day. The bullet journal takes people back to using an old-school pen and paper; but it’s not a diary, or a planner, notebook, or even just a journal, it’s everything combined. You use short, sharp sentences in order to plan ahead, recording your hopes and dreams, scribbling your to-do list and making it organised with stickers, coloured pens and different fonts. The structure of the journal itself (with both lines and dots) allows the construction of tables and lists easily. Traditionally in an A5 size, this handy addition to a handbag is a proven way to help control those frantic thoughts and allow for a more structured and purposeful day.

These are just some simple ways to get started on the path to ultimate wellbeing; using achievable methods accompanied by some great products, advice, and support from others, is a community Wellbeing Seekers are working to build.

Our weekly blogs will provide more helpful insights from experts to help you find your ideal path to wellbeing. Join the Wellbeing Seekers community today.

Love M.

Have a great day! and lets us know how you are getting on. If you need accountability partner for working on your new habits do write below in the comments