In the first week of lockdown. I threw myself into numerous activities and challenges. They were good to take my mind off the situation and into thinking and doing mode. I started with clearing the clutter and planning the meals. I then went on to miracle morning challenge, going back to the routine of waking up early in the morning to exercise, meditate and journal. I lead this challenge in the group to encourage everyone to wake up a little bit earlier and do something for themselves.

I know that in times like that is not about being very productive. It is the time to give yourself a space to feel all the emotions and not trying to push forward if you are not ready for that.

I also watched everyone else: fellow coaches and business owners What are they doing, how are they thinking, are they selling? It is easy to compare yourself against others and thinking, sh..t I should be doing more, I should be pivoting and whatever else is the term. This created a lot of stress and took my sight of what I was already doing. I am very bad when it comes to shining objects syndrome. It is good to try new things but firts give time to things you already have and see if they work.

I was gaining a momentum in my business and March was one of my best months so far (I started in September 2019). I definitely believe that it is possible to build a successful coaching business with the heart and of service to others. My main area of expertise is a plant-based nutrition and sustainable weight loss as well as cleansing programs. I thought well nobody wants to lose weight now so how I can be of service in these times?

The truth is, now more than every looking after yourself is critical. Especially that we are stuck at home. Yes, there is a lot of online classes available, but for that, you need discipline and big WHY. When talking to some of my clients they said that now they have more time to go for it (their goals, dreams and fitness level), as they always tried to find excuses. As a business owner, you may feel that health (physical and emotional) is not a priority, that you should focus on business and put your health on hold. I believe it is an act of delicate balance but putting in effort into your emotional and physical health will for sure reward your ability to focus on business, life and career  in the best way you can.

The Beginning

When I was thinking about starting the business I knew that I have to put my emotional health right first so that I have clarity and focus. There is no point in putting a lot of energy and have no joy or feeling exhausted by the end of each day. I started with my morning routine, nutrition, supplements, and exercise step by step.

The morning routine has changed my life. Meditation, gratitude and positive affirmations, vision board and connecting to my inner self and goals on a daily basis. There is a lot of science behind mind and body connection. “Understanding the power of thought is the key to creating a healthy and happy life. Everything you perceive in the physical world has its origin in the invisible, inner world of your thoughts and beliefs.” – Rebbecca Linder Hintze

Albert Einstein said, “The whole of science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking.”

Positive thoughts, particularly thoughts of love and gratitude, alter the chemistry in positive ways, increasing cellular immunity. I know this first hand as when I was stressed, with loads of negative thoughts which lead to minor depression my whole body was aching, my skin was a disaster and I was putting on weight like never before and not being able to lose it.

The main aim is not to be happy 100% of the time. Life consists of positive and negative events, however, we are in charge of our thoughts. We acknowledge them and let them go so that they do not overwhelm us. Our future can only be created now. When you think about your belief and thought system as a glass of clear water, and then when you add a cup of dirt, It will be quite murky already polluted with fear, limiting beliefs, and attitudes. We are only diluting the situation. However, if we add clean water (eg. positive affirmations, thoughts, self-care ) we are cleaning out the system with more self-awareness and transformation.

One Action You Can Take Now

Morning routine  takes a lot of perseverance and well practice. It is the way to build a strong resilient mind with solid foundations, health, and consistent good habits. Tuning into your inner self first thing each day allows you the space for thinking and addressing the emotions. Checking social media will not do that, but actually will have an opposite effect. 

If you have never tried meditation, maybe now is the time to think about a morning routine with positive thoughts, affirmations, and gratitude. Step by step you will build a resilient mind to take you through difficult times. I use Calm app on my phone but I also have a bespoke meditation focusing on my thoughts around business and money. I recommend Katherine Dever for women enterpreneurs who want to build their business intuitively  and successfully. Her beautiful guidied meditation is absolutely amazing to listen to first thing in the morning. I wake up at 6 am, have some stretches , make myself a cup of chicory coffee and glass of water with Doterra lemon essential oil and super charge my mind before the working day starts.

I love this routine and give recommendations to my clients (I also use EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique which also was very helpful). No matter how much effort you put into nutrition, the self-awareness, understanding your big motivation factor, having a big WHY and being capable of standing up and continuing with your efforts despite the obstacles, is really the key!

I know you can do this and give yourself the time to challenge not only your body in the exercise but your mind as well to connect with inner self and being ready to handle negative thoughts in more self-compassionate way.

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