Being a woman in my 40ties, I am honest with you, standing naked in front of the mirror is not my favourite activity. However, when I do stand there I do not criticise any part of my body but I look at potential to improve it if I want to.

We can be very judgmental about how we look, what we eat and that we do not exercise as frequently as we would like to. There is a lot of self-negative talk which focuses our energy on non-productive activities.

Non-diet approach to weight loss is now a new kid in town. I see a lot of advertising on this very topic to build intuitive eating, recognize our hunger and fullness scale. Focus on chewing and eating organic whole foods removing all processed food and sugar.

However, is this so simple? I think it can be if we are patient and understand that it will not happen overnight. 6 weeks is a good time to establish some healthy habits but our body needs around 3 – 6 months to adjust to changes and even then it may take longer. Bottom line is the more consistent you are the better results you will have long term. Below are few tips on losing some body fat and getting lean mainly based on principles of plant-based meals and whole organic food.

Below are my few tips for establishing healthy habits and love and gratitude for our body.

  1. Eat good breakfast and lunch. Especially breakfast seems to burn more calories from the same meal eaten at lunch or at dinner. It is due to our circadian rythm, thermogenesis (heat production) and storing glycogen in our muscles ready to face the day (nutritionfacts.org). Also during morning the insulin works better making sure that our blood sugar is levelled and it can be far worse in the evening (I confirm that 100% when I check my blood sugars).  Try good smoothie with plenty of fibre and healthy fats such as pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, and flaxseeds – you can even add a bit of avocado and spoon of coconut oil. cashew chickpea sandwich

2.  Eat healthy fats – they keep us fuller for longer plus they are required  for special enzymes to be activated for the absorption of fat and also bile excertion from the liver. Additionally when you take supplements Vitamin A, K D and E are only fat soluble so to enable absorption again adding healthy fat is recommended. Adding a bit of avocado and nuts and seeds to your breakfast is a good idea.

green smoothie

3. Eat protein with every meal – we can’t expect to stay fuller for longer if we have no protein. Adding protein powder to smoothies is a  good solution and I recommend Nuzest (ask me for a discount code or subscribe to Newsletter to get it). lunch also needs protein and beans, chickpeas, broccoli, sprouts, lentils are all very good to have.


4. Add meditation, breathing work and gratitude practice to release stress. Stressed body cannot absorb nutrients and build the immunity. I have been doing miracle mornings which is really time for myself in the morning and it greatly helps me together with exercise.


5. Add exercise – if you have not been regular, gradually add some exercise and build consistency. Add some cardio – skipping rope, jumping jacks and some resistance training. My tummy got flatter when I started weight lifting. You contract the muscles a lot so it helped but you really lose your belly fat in the kitchen  and then you tone your body. Good ABS exercise – there are plenty on you tube to do every morning or evening is also a good idea. 

Add each of the above every week one by one and notice how you feel. The more changes you make in a very short time, the longer it takes for your brain to adjust and stop resisting the change. Celebrate each tiny success and do not aim for perfection. Give yourself good consitent 6 weeks and create the change you always wanted and deserve!

I am running my plant-based 6 weeks weighloss bootcamp which starts on 03rd February whwre we explore all of these actions in details and implement one by one. Follow the link here.

Remember you are work in progress and that is more than enough.

Love M.