I have been thinking about writing this text for some time. First of all, I had the problem which photos to choose for comparison. I do not have before and after pictures as losing weight was never my primary goal. However, I do remember and I actually have video, how I felt mentally over a year ago and believe me I do not want to be in that place.  Between the pictures above there is over one year difference and now I am over one stone lighter and I have kept it for over 6 months. My cholesterol has come down and all other blood tests are in mid range. 

If you expect advice for a crash diet and recommendations on how to lose weight quickly to fit in that Christmas dress, I must disappoint you but you will not find it here.

My journey to being confident in my body, as well as to change eating habits, took me some time and yes I do love the results. Losing weight was a secondary issue. I wanted to build healthy habits so I feel confident, know what and how to cook, empower myself to be my best version and choose the life I want to live.




morning ritual

Do you hold the key to your mindset? Have you asked yourself WHY you want to lose weight and what do you want to achieve in the process? Believe it or not, there are some people that are totally unhappy because they lost weight and lost part of their identity. They cannot find themselves back in real-life and shopping for new clothes is real struggle for them. They have been holding on to a great story about themselves and they do not know how to build a new one. The transformation has to happen gradually with small steps so you can build your new life with small steps suitable for you (at least this is what I believe in)  I know there are other methods but if you ask me building healthy habits takes time. Yes, I understand there are people who can change in 4 weeks,  lose the weight and be happy, but I believe they have actually done a lot of mindset work before they embarked on the challenge to actually do it. Also research shows that many people after crash diets put on the weight back, maybe not immediately but over a period of time.

Once you have a mindset, once you know your WHY, you can uncover the layers put plan into action and sustain the change consistently. Once you do it you gain CONFIDENCE as never before.

I remember my New Year’s Eve 2018/2019, I decided not to drink at the party and I was so grateful as I woke up fresh and went on a bike as the weather was glorious. I will never forget that. I can connect well with that feeling of freshness. It was not a heroic act or something but it was incredibly rewarding and important to me.

Miracle mornings helped me a lot to put my thoughts on the paper and practice gratitude  every morning and belief that I can do it.



Undoubtedly, food plays a big part in the process as it contributes to around 80% of weight management. 20% is exercise.  I got some questions from  personal trainers asking for advice as they struggle to motivate their clients to achieve the goals. The key is not treating an exercise as something I have to do and then go home and eat pizza because I lost a lot of calories during the training (believe me I have been there). The key is to enjoy regular exercise, suitable for your body, build stamina and habit of regular exercise consistently but in the meantime focus your energy on getting the nutrition right. What you eat and drink is of great importance and there is no break from it even on holidays or when going out. You do not put a healthy lifestyle on a hanger and then get on as before. You embrace it and live it and you are CONFIDENT   that you are choosing the food which best serves you.

I remember when I went totally vegan and during my first night out with friends, the only option in the restaurant was a green leaves salad (yes it was only 2 years ago), I ordered it, ate it and did not make a big deal out of it. I was incredibly proud of myself (a bit hungry though).

I am very passionate about plant-based food as I believe it brings incredible results. From losing weight to having more energy, better sleep, and glowing skin. We all need to eat more plants and I will address how to do that in my next post.



habit tracker

I believe CONSISTENCY  is a keyword. Can you imagine a piano player or any other player who does not practice and hopes that all will be fine during the concert? Yes, there are incredibly talented people but they do practice a lot.

I watch my daughter preparing for the piano grade 4 exam which she is doing in four months from her grade 3 which is a very short period of time. She has made incredible progress only because of consistent practice and accountability.

Habits are not any different. That is why coaching programs are so powerful if you practice and are compliant. You have accountability and you can make progress but you need to have skin in the game. You have to do the work. I provide the system advice and support, you do the work. Yes, life happens and again  I provide support and how to deal with self-sabotage and social situations and family (yep this one can be hard).

My recent client told me that she gained food freedom. Freedom from counting calories and always compromising her health with not so healthy choices. And even if she does not comply with the program now and again, it is not the end of the world. She exactly knows where she needs to go back. She never starts from scratch, she starts from the baseline she taught herself to follow with my help. This is incredibly rewarding and she is a true HERO.


I hope I inspired you to make healthier choices for you and your family. I do not give you a specific plan to follow. Now the step is for you to think about your Why, and think about small steps you could implement from today to get on track with your health (you can download my Healthy autumn magazine which has a habit tracker – print it and use it). You have one life and you want to live it in good health as long as possible.  unfortunately, the number of people in their 40ties and 50ties suffering from different alignments and some serious conditions is really scary and sad. The number of people with dementia is also growing, but WHY? In many cases it is not inherited, so WHY so many people suffer from it? I am sure our lifestyle has a lot to do with it but research is complicated to find true cause, (yet) However, you have a choice to leave a healthier life starting TODAY. I truly hope you can make it.

I leave you with this:

When you change your Habits you change your life!

Love M



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