The general hustle and bustle of day to day life can leave you without the time or the energy to look after yourself.  As women, we tend to put other people’s needs before our own on a regular basis and this can lead to feelings of disaffection for our own bodies.  The prospect of making major changes to your lifestyle to include self-care can seem like too great a challenge, but one we believe is essential in finding that better version of ourselves. It will be my pleasure if you could join me on this journey of self-discovery, self-care and more balanced and healthy life. 

Here at Wellbeing Seekers we have used our expert knowledge to create the perfect solution; every day for the next month we will be publishing a guide encouraging self-love and care on our social media accounts.  Each and every day we will be giving you a small mission to accomplish, each tailored to giving you the opportunity and time to give yourself the same amount of love and care that you provide for everybody else. 

Daily challenges

The daily challenges we will be covering, include mental health, physical wellbeing as well as emotional self-care and include some of the following:

  • Mediation – taking five or ten minutes out of your busy schedule to meditate and visualise your goals can give balance and positivity to your mind and set you up for a successful day.
  • Cooking a healthy meal – ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ so the saying goes, and we believe this couldn’t be more true.  The right foods fuel both body and mind, allowing you to reach your full potential. 

soup, healthy

  • Taking a walk – Aside from the well-known fact of exercise benefitting you physically, the increase in your oxygen intake will increase the levels of serotonin released in the body, in turn making you both happier and more relaxed. If you work in the office, lunch time is great time to get some fresh air!
  • Reading – Everybody has a favourite book, magazine or online knowledge hub and research now shows that reading has several health benefits including decreasing stress, slowing cognitive decline and improving sleep.  Time to pick up that book!
  • Calling someone you love – In terms of how this tiny step can benefit your health, particularly emotionally, this is an obvious one.  Strengthening connections to those who mean the most to us is vital for our health and wellbeing.   

Included in our 30 days of self-care we will also be looking into the use of doTERRA oils to complement your daily routines.  These oils are natural solutions for a whole host of health priorities and can be used daily to promote wellbeing and aid in providing a balance between wellness, lifestyle, and healthcare. There is a huge range of oils which can tackle the symptoms of physical, mental and emotional strains.

Our experts at Wellbeing Seekers will be posting a self-care challenge every day in November, so if you aren’t already, please make sure you follow our social media accounts to join in.  Let’s improve our own self-love, worth and health together –  one simple step at a time.