Vision Boards can be powerful tools in defining your goals and future life, career, salary and anything else. They can define the path to your new house, new job, dream holidays or simply can show your goals for the whole year. When I was stuck between my current life and what I really wanted to achieve, I did not believe that a few pieces of paper can do anything for me. How wrong was I! Extremely wrong! I did my first vision board almost a year ago and, oh boy what the year I had. The truth is that the visualization is the most powerful thing you can do for yourself. Sometimes it is hard to do it only in your mind, that is why something tangible, on paper and preferably on your wall, helps you everyday to follow the direction you have chosen. Sure it can change a bit here and there but the principles should stay the same.


The Vision Board definition


So let’s start with what the visualization board truly is. Well, it is really a simple concept of collage images from pieces of paper cut out from various magazines and put together on a board or large piece of paper. Simply speaking, it is rather a large poster of what you want your life to be, with goals and visual things you want to achieve or do in the nearest future. It is a fantastic creative activity with a strong purpose in mind.


Building the Vision Board


When I started my first vision board, I did not know what I wanted to have or do in the future. Being stuck in your life sometimes as a pure witness of what is going on but not as a true participant, is tough and you need clarity. Therefore, building your vision takes time and patience. I have not built my vision board until I had a bit of clarity of what I wanted to do. So for me, my vision started with an empty piece of paper split into columns to have the pros and cons of my current life and a future life.  I knew I wanted to eat healthily, have more time for myself, regularly practicing yoga and go to my dream holidays to Bali (still on my vision board to be done). I also have a picture of a dog on my board as I would love to have one! I always wanted to have more time for my family as well so put in some flexible working time and working from home as my goals. Then you start looking in the magazines for pictures representing your dreams and goals. You can pin some powerful quotes as well. I use great materials from Kikki including whiteboard. Once you have the materials ready you flat lay them on the table and floor and this is where the fun starts.

Create time and have an intention in mind before you sat down to create yours. Make a ritual out of it, because whatever you put on your wall, it will impact your life for the next few months, this is how powerful visions are. Put on a soft music, have a nice cup of herbal tea to drink and start creating. There are  different types of Vision Boards e.g. you can have one which represents exactly what you want to do, a board which represents opening and allowing, there could be themed visions boards (dream holidays, new house and how it will look like, decoration and style). Do check out this blog with some great tips on how to create one you need step by step – Christine Kane.  Once you are ready,  take an image and either pin or glue it to the poster. Set intention for each of the image and each quote you put on. You can have a collage type, the pictures are glued very closely or like me pin the pictures to the board in more loose arrangments which will allow you to change some of the images as you go along on your path.


The creation of the vision board is truly a creative moment so you may change your vision as you go along. This is ok as we never know where the creativity will take us. Just go along with it, set intentions and enjoy the process.




How you can use your Vision Board

Now that you have a vision board, what do you do with it? I hang in my study to see it everyday in the morning. I established the morning ritual where I do get up a bit earlier to visualize, set intention for a day, meditate and journal. It is a good idea to get into a habit of journaling. You can take your board and use one image from it and write about it. The words we use, affirmations and visualisation shape how we think about ourselves, and about our current and future life. They are powerful tools to program your subconscious to think in positive terms and also to think that everything and anything is possible as long as we want it, have goals to achieve it and consistently build the resilience and stamina to get where we want to.

Since creating my board I have signed up for two learning courses, where one of them I have completed already and the other one (more intensive Diploma Course) is in progress to be completed next year in August. I will write about those shortly. The truth is that the visualisation is powerful and it works.

There are other ways of creating your vision and it could be in a big sketchbook, bullet journal or even video visualisation. My next project is about powerful video so watch the space.

It would be great if you could share your ideas and creative process for your visualization. Let’s learn from each other.

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