Intuitive Cooking with Plants

In this ebook you will find selection of recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can create delicious and nutritious meals following few simple principles and your own intuition. I explain umami taste, simple meal planning rules. I explain Magic Plate structure and as a bonus you will get weight management plan, perfect if you want to jumpstart your healthy eating and lose some weight. I know that our life can get very busy so I do not want you to spend hours and hours in the kitchen but little preparation goes a long way (it can save even 4 hours during the week).

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What’s inside?

This ebook includes my home cooked recipes prepared with attention love and with naturopathic principles in mind. I focus on fresh, organic ingredients which support your health naturally. I explain some of the ingredients and why they may be important for your health. We are all individual but there are few key principles to follow to stay healthy and live good quality life.

More details

Plant-based lifestyle may help you with many health conditions from inflammation to better regulation of your blood sugar levels and weight management or even having more energy and focus. It can be good for hormone balancing and inexpensive way to feed the whole family and friends.

Seasonal Ingredients

In this issue I focus mainly on spring and summer recipes using seasonal ingredients.

Umami Taste

It is often described as a savoury taste. It does not have to be complicating. You can create it by eg adding a bit of tomato paste or some mushrooms. It is perfect balance of other tastes – bitter, sweet, salty and sour. I will help you to recreate it at home.

Meal Planning

How to meal plan effectively so that you do not have to spend hours and hours in the kitchen.

Range of recipes

There are ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some recipes are good for mid-week eating, and some are better for weekend cooking.

Easy to prepare

I kept the recipes easy enough for everyone new to plant-based eating.

Self-care Tips

Only NOW BONUS (video) – Weight Management Protocol my tried and tested tips for losing and maintaining  weight.

Meals & Recipes


I’d love to receive your feedback. I hope you’d love the recipes too!







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