In this post I am sharing some details of my health journey and I truly hope you will find inspiration. This is the first part as I have two more to share.  I started my health journey over two years ago. Step by step I started recovery from lower back mild depression and burnout. Today I share the recovery from a lower back problem as it had a profound impact on how I live today. Enjoy.

Painkillers, drugs, pills, medications

In the picture, there are drugs I used to take for different things. Fortunately not anymore but the damage they made to my liver and digestion system is probably for many years. Do we need them? When I was little my mum used to give me mint tea for stomach upsets, camomile tea for better sleep and milk with garlic and honey for flue and colds. For coughs and nasal congestions, I used to do steam sessions with my head under the towel and above hot water with some mint drops. I can’t remember having any antibiotics.  So no I do not think so that we need these for those minor alignments. Yes, we are used to getting rid of the symptoms as quickly as possible especially pain as we want to live comfortably and we do not have time to address the issues where and why the pain came from in the first place. Pharmaceutical companies are making fortune on drugs some of them are addictive and prescribed sometimes in a very short period of time by GPs as the only solution to the problem. However, the worse are those over the counter which we take just in case. I get that they may be needed and in many life long illnesses they are required but the pain should be cured (also using natural methods) not lived with forever.

lower back drugs

How it all started – my road through hell to recovery

Over three years ago I suffered from a lower back injury (doing burpees by the way). The pain did not go away for months so I could not swim or run even with some painkillers. I knew that I did not want to continue like that and decided to have a diagnosis and possible operation. I had disc prolapsed and part of my disc was removed. I had fairly quick recovery and loads of prescription drugs including co-codamol which is an opioid (highly addictive as we know from current news from the USA and also from UK).

After a year I had an episode with a lower back spasm and I could not walk. I was prescribed loads of drugs some of them I was told to take together in a massive dose which caused heart palpitations and shallow breathing. Needless to say I wanted to go to A&E but I could barely  walk and could not sit so after short conversation on the phone (they did not want to send ambulance),   I somehow managed to get to the car (it took me 20 minutes to get in and get out in massive pain) and laying straight across the seats at the back my husband took me to hospital where  I was waiting in the emergency room for 3 hours standing.

Finally, I was admitted and put on morphine.  Scan showed small disc buldge so I had another small operation. After that I said never again. I started physiotherapy, yoga and meditation. I also started with essential oils. As it came to my attention that a lot of stress is accumulated in the lower back as well I  started meditation every morning with my favourite app – Calm.


I am happy to report that I am lower back pain three for almost a year. I do not take any flu drugs nor medication to help with digestive issues which really act as glue and do not cure anything but just help temporarily with the symptoms.

My daily rituals

I use essential oils to support my immune system, for relaxation and any sports injuries (usually pulled muscles and Blue Rub cream with essential oils works miracles). I run, swim and weight lift (never thought I could do it but this is the best exercise I can think of for toning and strengthening the core and whole body – if done properly under supervision). I take supplements for healthy bones, omega 3 (from algae) and Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D. I take oils in the capsules for healthy cells as well. I love the oils and they support the health of my whole family in the most natural way there can be. Just to be clear here I started this ritual when I was working full time, I was studying two courses simultaneously and I was developing my business so do not tell me that you are too busy. Honestly, it can be done.

However, above all, I cook delicious plant-based food which keeps my cholesterol level where it should be and boosts my energy levels. I balance sugar levels with loads of water and healthy fats and protein in each meal. With switching to plant-based lifestyle I noticed that my portions on the plate are smaller and I do not need snacks most of the time. I also make sure that my meals are not rushed and I have time to reflect and chew properly. Overall I lost over a stone and managed to keep it off.  I feel that in this decade I am setting up the foundations for great health and healthy aging. I want to be with my daughter in good health as long as possible. I want to travel and coach other women to help on their way to good health and a life full of energy and fulfillment. Aging can be beautiful but we need to look after ourselves NOW.

Quite often we do not do that. We feel that we can run with minimum batteries for a long period of time. Unfortunately, years of neglect will show up later in life with the full force and medications are not a good answer. Yes, it can help temporarily but we need to educate ourselves and choose what is best for us and ask questions in appointments with GPs what is the best solutions for me right now.

vegan proteinvegan cheesecakesvegan scallops

My daily ritual (example)

  1. Glass of water with drop of lemon essential oil – after waking up our body is thirsty and needs to drink; I drink plenty at least 7-8 glasses over the day but also herbal teas and water kefir.
  2. Stretching, 10 press ups, 10 squats, sun salutations and warrior yoga poses or sometimes HIIT with skipping rope.
  3. Breakfast – green smoothie (with protein powder or chia and hemp seeds or sprouted quinoa) or high protein granola (no dried fruits with berries, goji berries, cocoa nibs) with plant based milk – almond (I love the Replenish brand – high almond content with added water or I do my own with apple flavour – yumm); my favourite weekend breakfast is scrambled smoked tofu with tomatoes and spinach, mushrooms, pinch of turmeric and kala namak salt (black which gives that eggy flavour)
  4. Lunch is usually salad with lentils, or lentil bolognese or soup – e.g miso – love it with plenty of veg and udon noodles.
  5. Dinner – here different variations  – brown rice, brown pasta, roasted veggies, plenty of raw fresh salad, vegan koftas made with lentil and millet, bean burgers, pea and courgette fritters made with chickpea flour or pasta sauce with roasted aubergines and beans – this is very good!! When I crave something I drink herbal tea. (ok yes I have a bit of dark chocolate which I usually make myself – mint is my favourite )

green smoothie

How you can work with me

I hope you enjoyed this and if you have any questions do let me know, I am happy to answer,

I encourage you to book 45 min free of charge consultation with me to uncover what is stopping you on your healthy journey NOW before it is too late.

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Don’t make money standing in a way to exceptional health for life if you are really keen and ready to do it. Let’s talk.

Love M.