Emotional Intelligence | 3 Weeks Course



Emotions rule your life, health, relationships and money

Uncontrolled they often lead to destructive behaviour

We regret saying and doing things
We fall into anger,  disappointment self-loathing and low self-esteem after each episode of uncontrolled outburst

We become slaves to our emotions that force us to not be our authentic selves

There are different causes of that and emotions that we cannot express truthfully are stuck inside our bodies and can lead to health issues in the longer terms

We often feel that. We are not authentic selves because we always have to please somebody or are careful not to poke somebody’s else emotions

What if there is a different way to live your life?

More grounded, thoughtful and more in alignment with who you are?

Life In which you are truly a master of who you are and how you express yourself. A life where you are not responsible for what other people are feeling. Life in which you turn triggers into the most aligned actions for what you desire in life most

I want to help you to achieve the level of self-realisation with awareness desire and respect.

Join me in 3 weeks program from Triggered to Activated 

6 live sessions

  • Increase awareness
  • Understand what triggers you and why
  • Learn how to let go and move on for more happiness
  • Learn how to forgive
  • How to turn triggers into activation
  • How to end the emotional eating

👉 We start on 19th July in the private Facebook group.

👉 You will have lifetime access to all materials and new materials will be added as I run this program again.