I opened up my journal and started reading my first post which I wrote in March 2018. At that time I was already thinking about different career route and I started my training with Digital Mums to be Social Media Manager. Great course and I learned a lot and had fun with it. I was eager to have my vegan journey somehow documented and I thought setting up my social media channels would be a good idea. I remember when I was sitting with a blank white piece of paper which I divided into two to understand what life and job I would love to have and live. Many posts and websites later I arrived at my life which is completely different from what it was back then.  This year I held two supper clubs, had two private cooking sessions, spent over 100 hrs coaching, passed final exam for Vegan Chef, passed my Become Health Coach Certification, helped my client to lose 19lbs and to learn vegan nutrition and cooking for health. Organised numerous workshops and gave three speeches. Attended around 25 networking sessions. I earned some money which I reinvested in my business. Not too bad for the first four months. I am really proud how far I have come.

2018 was a year of a lot of commitments and saying yes to myself. I invested time and money to learn new things and pursue the career and mission which I believe in. It was and still is a rollercoaster of emotions, ups and downs, massive doubts and sometimes lack of consistency. 2018 and 2019 both were a massive learning curve when I got rid of the fear of judgment and decided to let everyone known my intentions, plans, and values.

I have always wanted to have my own business but it never had a good image in my eyes nor among my family and friends. Quite often it is seen as a struggle with little reward and not a lot of money. Where I can agree with the money bit at the very beginning, I do not agree that there is no reward. I absolutely love seeing my clients growing, developing and embracing a new healthy lifestyle for themselves and their family.

However, to have a sustainable business with the mission I need to make money and this is my true focus next year. I will also engage in NHS initiatives which now recognizes health coaching as a true way to drive lifestyle changes to prevent type 2 diabetes, heart conditions and obesity to reach even more people who otherwise could not afford coaching. I strongly believe that there are people out there who want to invest in themselves and their health. People will always have money for what is most important in their life.

My journal was also full of meaningful quotes and affirmations  such as

The world is changed by your example not by your opinion P.Coelho

What you focus on grows, what you think about expands and what you dwell upon determines your destiny  – Robin Sharma

 Working from Home


That was always my aim and I had it on my vision board. However, in reality, it was more difficult than I thought. Self-discipline, looking after my daughter –  taking her from and to school, cooking meals all of that taught me that when you work from home and do not bring a lot of money at first you are first wife, mum and then a business owner. This has to change next year with better planning and choosing the activities we want to be engaged in also related to my business. Having been always a high earner I had to let go of my ego and that includes any discussions and responsibilities within the relationship. I must say I find maintaining a healthy and balanced relationship the hardest in this whole new venture and one day I will write about this in more detail as I do not think I am ready for any reflection now.

My 5 top tips for anyone working on yourself or business


1. Look after yourself  – health is so taken for granted. I see so many people putting it in last on the list, but the truth is without it you will not go anywhere faster. Your body will let you know sooner or later to slow down. Why not looking at it after now? A lot of people feel stressed most of the time, however good everyday habits, nutrition, meditation and time for yourself spent in a meaningful way will be beneficial but you need to give it the time – it will not happen overnight. 

Tip: Put one or two small steps you will take in the New Year to help you to manage stress better – morning meditation, journaling, manifesting, affirmations;

2. Have fun – whatever you do and in whatever situation you are in, have some fun.  If in doubt listen or watch  Michael McIntyre

tip: sign up for a dancing class, or a kind of exercise you always wanted to try but never had time for; or watch some funny film you have always wanted to see but never had time

3. Feel fear but do it anyway – whatever your aim is for the next year, running a marathon, a competitive challenge, losing weight, changing career or even asking for a pay rise in your current company – work on your mind, prepare well and do it.

Tip: Do a future self-meditation, get yourself in the state that you already have that result. Do not say I want to do just give thanks for doing it and having that result already.

4. Come alive– wherever you are in your life think about your purpose; a lot of people live in a matrix not being happy or not realizing their full potential; that way they waste their talents and gifts coming from the divine power; coaching brought me so many new friends, so many opportunities to help people and for that, I will be ever grateful!

5. Allow yourself to receive – in order to receive we need to let go of what is holding us back; clear the clutter in your room, books, life, and wallets and make room for new; many people afraid of receiving as they think they are not worthy and not ready to receive; many people also struggle with the imposter syndrome. There are good coaches out there who help to release the blocks and offer muscle testing; You need to be confident to say yes to things, people and events in your life and welcome them with an open heart! That includes money as well.

Tip: Try Muscle testing – applied kinesiology  – Amy B. Scher 

The body has within it and surrounding an electrical network or grid, which is pure energy. Because energy runs through the muscles in your body, if anything impacts your electrical system that does not maintain or enhance your body’s balance, your muscles will virtually “short circuit” or weaken (don’t worry, only temporarily). Things that might have an impact on your electrical system are thoughts and emotions, foods, and other substances. 


I am wishing you all the best for the New Year and new decade. May your dream come true. Make it meaningful, use your talents to help others and yourself to grow, love yourself, be compassionate and truthful to yourself. 

Going inwards. That’s the real work. The solutions are not outside of us. Get to know who you really are, because as you search for the hero within you inevitably become one. – Emma Tiebens


Love M.