Oh boy, I am not sure where to start describing the experience I had during my recent travel to Health Coach Institute Live in Phoenix Arizona. When I was buying the ticket I knew that I wanted to boost my confidence, however, what happened in the event outgrew my wildest expectations. Below I share my reflections on the most profound event in my life (right after having my baby girl and marriage).

I started my coaching journey back in December 2018 not knowing much about it. I knew that I wanted to make a change in peoples lives and I wanted them to be accountable to their true selves. I also knew that once in 6 weeks appointment would not cut it. I know that as I have been through my own transformation. I could not find a Health Coach but instead, I had counseling appointments every week for 4 months. I needed fresh eyes to see my own self. That is why, the main advantage of the coaching is having regular meetings every week with an emphasis on small achievable steps. HCI has the Become Health Coach Program which can last from 6 to 12 months. Your learn powerful protocols, practice skills labs and opening the relationships conversations as well as you have to take two practice clients through 90-day Program for your certification. So all is very practical with the right dose of knowledge, immense humor from Carey and Stacey (Owners), group cleanse exercises, Coach Connect app, regular lives in a dedicated Facebook group and so much more. You gain new friends for life, you gain a new tribe who understands you completely and above all you gain new life. In the Health Coaching journey, what matters is who you are becoming on the journey. In order to help your clients, you need to go through the transformation yourself. Walk the talk, they say and it is completely true.  I love this definition of the Health Coach coined by E.Neuer  (CEO):

New kind of caregiver, who inspires your intrinsic motivation

During Live event we were asked to describe our revolution and come up with the hashtag. Everyone came up with amazing revolutions for self-love and self-compassion, body image positivity, breastfeeding, stress, and anxiety related topics and more. My revolution is of colorful plant-based organic and locally grown food for everyone, full of flavour and nutrients, that healthy food is fun and cool for children to eat, that movement can happen anywhere and that of good quality sleep which we need to thrive. My revolution is of being an example for our children so they go to the world equipped with tools and strong mental resilience to make conscious choices for themselves. Conscious parenting builds a conscious society and we need that more than ever. My revolution hashtag is:


Health Coach

The event allowed me to deeply connect with my life purpose and truly believe in it. I imagined the life I want to live and manifested my goals. I also worked on limiting beliefs, especially around my self-worth and money. I have always heard that life-work balance is impossible that you always have to make sacrifices and make it very hard on you. I never believed in that! I believe in a happy and fulfilled life which I enjoy and where I have time for my self-care activities without feeling guilty. I have time to travel when and where I want to, time to see friends and family, time to go to my regular doctor appointments, time to exercise and keep fit and time to cook delicious meals and read good books. I love  another quote from the event :

Lean in for things which make you lighter, when your heart beats faster

dr Sean Stephenson

Sean Stephenson

One of the most inspirational speeches I heard, was by dr Sean Stephenson (aka 3footgiant). An amazing person with a heart-warming story and personality. If you do not know Sean please visit Youtube to watch some of his speeches. His unapologetic approach to life is contagious. His speech inspired me to control my emotions even better – Emotion is the currency of humanity – he said.  When we are able to control them, we reach for new levels in our personal growth, we see the world clearer, we can communicate kinder. Emotions impact your attitude, your attitude impacts your life. He referred to parenting and that our most important role is to be an example for the children. We need to believe what we say first before anyone else believes us. He shared this, one of the most powerful statements I truly believe:

I can only help those who swim towards me.

Health Coach

I absolutely loved every minute of the event although days and evenings were long and I could not get much sleep being seriously jet-lagged and full of excitement. I could not believe that got some courage and I flew over the ocean from UK to be in the room full of positive energy, kind people and that I would be sparking the revolution. The revolution we all need to live happy and healthy lives aligned with our purpose. Balance in life happens without effort when you are in alignment because with alignment everything flows. Do these activities which feed your soul and make you feel energized. It does not mean that you will have a life without challenges, you will have the life of your own creation, flowing from your heart. So what are you waiting for?

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Health Coach

With Love

Monika Mateja