I can’t believe that in a few weeks we will be celebrating Christmas again. This year of course will be different than any other. We have spent almost half of the year in lockdown or with some kind of restrictions. Needless to say, it was not easy and for many many people very challenging. Will your Christmas be different this year? We would normally travel to Poland or having somebody over here in the UK, but this time we will be alone celebrating with my cousin living here in the UK as well. I feel like I do not want to overeat or treat myself to loads of food. With staying at home it is already challenging, especially as you spend most of your time in my leggings (you too?). I keep putting on my jeans to check if they are still ok, and they have become just a little bit tighter so I am giving myself a good old break from sugar in December until Christmas.

In my Facebook group (have you joined by the way?)  this week was all about celebrating good food and preparing ourselves for Christmas. I started with starters than main dishes and on Thursday will have deserts and Mocktail/cocktail Masterclass on Friday. I feel I am better organized this year. I have my cards ready and little presents to send out to clients and to family. I am very proud actually. Just need to make that trip to the post office now. 

Vegan food does not have to be complicated with hundreds of ingredients. I love keeping it simple but with a nice and fresh presentation, even humble hummus will look great. We mainly eat with our eyes and smell, taste comes later so putting a little bit of effort to present the food will make a huge difference and impress everyone even the keenest Chefs. I do not use any special equipment but you could e.g. use a piping bag to serve hummus or other dips. 

Below I have two options for you. Golden beetroot carpaccio and little lettuce boats with cashew/chermoula dip, guacamole, and pepper humous. These options are great to serve in a buffet along with another normal flair of usual Christmas food. It will add a splash of color and freshness and leave your tummy happy and light.

Golden Beetroot carpaccio

I love this fresh dish. I got these beets in my weekly veggie box and was not sure what to do with it. It tastes like a normal red beet but has a less earthy flavor. I wanted to marinate it before serving but it will discolor quickly so Serving it raw, thinly slice is the best idea. Make sure you squeeze half a lemon on it and serve with cashew chermoula dip in the middle, smokey chermoula dots, and sprinkled with pomegranate seeds.

Beetroot carpaccio

Lettuce Boats

These are lovely and you can put anything on them. A great alternative to bread, lighter and you can have as many as you want. I made guacamole, cashew/chermoula dip, and pepper hummous. I serve with lime wedges and you can sprinkle with some pomegranate seeds. 

Vegan starter

Check also my post with my amazing lentil roast. so delicious with prune/smokey glaze on top serve with cashew/horseradish sauce and cranberry sauce. This glaze would also make a great alternative to chutney, healthier, and with no sugar.

I love these snacks pea and corn fritters and sweet potato discs. Both can be served with delicious cashew soft cheese and my prune and tomato chutney. All recipes in my ebook together with a delicious mocktail like this one below ‘Salad Martini’. 

Vegan snacks

All recipes for the complete menu are in my Newest ebook. Love this Goddess guide to Christmas and beyond. Perfect to start your plant-based journey in January. I am releasing 7 days course to eat Plant-based meals 4 times a week. This should be achievable for those who want to try it but can’t do a complete transition now.