I have been questioning myself what will be my new normal once we are out of the lockdown? Will we be the same? I dare to think that this lockdown has changed you in one way or the other. How , I think we need time to understand that. Through this time I am learning  a lot about myself, and challenges of homescholling and having right balance of all activities including work and family time. However, I am determined to keep my health goals on top as I do not want to be in the position I was two years ago, and below is my Why.

Living in Lockdown

Now all of us have some idea and experience how to live in the lockdown. New routines have emerged, and it is amazing to see how many people got involved in some voluntary actions. There is a lot of power and open hearts to help. However , there is no pressure. If you can’t you can’t and that is ok too as we all have a role to play in this situation.

Some of us are on their own, some with kids, some without and some only with fury babies. Some are going through the living hell of being in an abusive relationship. No matter what is your current situation you are living your own normal and if you think you can’t cope you should ask for help.

I have seen a lot of judgment and negative posts and now also telling me that as a Wellness Coach I should be sitting in front of TV eating biscuits as this is normal.

The thing is this is not my normal, and definitely not anymore. Although I am not trying to beat the Guinness record of productivity, I am trying to stay on track with my health goals as I well remember where I was two years ago.

Not feeling well, with a lot of additional weight on me, mild depression and a massive pain in my lower back. I was determined to change something in my life. I have been promoting a healthy lifestyle long before the lockdown.

Have some sympathy for yourself

I  have a lot of sympathy for people who lost their job, business or have to juggle many different things including homeschooling right now. And I have the same sympathy for people who sit on the sofa and eat biscuits as for those who get on with their life or pick up a new skill or exercise this time. I am not judging because I do not know you and I do not know what is your personal situation.

I have learn over the last few years that having compassion for myself is really a key. I have had none for most of my adult life and it did not serve me well at the end. We are only humans and we need to allow all the emotions to come to us. Be with them, acknowledge them but allow them to let go. I love my coaching tools available to me now. Without them I would not be probably in the place I am now. This is the best gift I have given to myself.

Few Tips to Stay On Top of Your Health Goals

 I would like to offer these tips if you feel you are stuck and need some motivation:

  1. Treat yourself with the care and compassion you deserve. Have some regular self-care sessions, and simply be kind to you and your body. If you feel you can’t please find somebody you can talk to put some accountability in place.
  2. Have some performance reviews with yourself. Be open and honest, celebrate success, let go of things that did not work and step forward into a new day with new goals in small managable chunks that work for you.
  3. Set some personal boundaries, personal life and work can now mingle together so having some boundaries will help your mental health. Talk to your family members about your day and structure so that they are on board and know that you are busy at certain times. They do not have a crystal ball and may not know your schedule.
  4. Don’t compare and despair – we are all individual and this situation is different for all of us. Approach others who are doing well in this time with celebration and open your heart to the abundance which may come from different sources. The answer to everything is LOVE.
  5. Let go – let go of imperfections, need of approval, need to impress others, the need to always be right, obsessing about your past, negative self-talk, limiting beliefs, blaming others and complaining.
  6. What helped me and still does is a good morning routine so I put in some positive thoughts into my mind before I start the day. I love affirmations and below I leave that one for you.

Affirmation to Repeat Everyday (courtesy of Natural Health Magazine)

I am living in the present moment, making the best of each day and savoring its riches. Creative change begins within me right here, right now.

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Love Monika