It is hard to believe that it is my 42 Birthday today. At the end of the day birthday is only a number. Actually I am pretty excited as I have never felt so happy and fit in my life. I am celebrating my birthday in lockdown so this is great post to write and look back when all is all over and we are living our new normal.

If you celebrate your birthday like me in lockdown, maybe write a letter to yourself and then you will be able to read it in a year’s time.

Of course I am sad to hear about all the deaths and people going through nightmare. However, I am glad to hear that my family and people I know are well and good although some of them had to go through COVID-19.

A year ago I said YES

A year ago I went to Phoenix in Arizona for my first ever HCI (Health Coach Institute) Live exprience. I knew that it would be good and I am looking forward to celebrate it again but this time online over two days  on Friday and Saturday. I met wonderful people from all over the world and but what is more important I said yes to myself and coaching career. It was scary as I decided to invest a lot of money and time to pursue new career in coaching. I had my doubts plenty actually especially when it came to leaving corporate world and safety net of a great salary and benefits. Looking back, I probably should have been there for longer to build a bit bigger financial back up but there is no point of crying over a spilled milk.



Health Coach

I am in my white top in this picture with Carey and Stacey, founders of the school.

I love my tribe and my school – Health Coach Institute.  The support I am getting is worth millions. From 1:1 coaching, mastermind, endless live classes, retreats, materials , done for your programs in every area, to regular updates, protocols and many many more. I can’t wait for the EVOLVE summit over two days. Loads of new things to learn and connect with everyone.

My DoTERRA tribe

I also love my Doterra tribe. Doterra means The Gifts of the Earth. I am part of the company which is ethical, heart-centered, generous and focused on good of others in every respect. It gives me a very small passive income at the moment but first of all it gives me  access to latest science, amazing products, community and support. If you ever wanted to try essential oils do let me know. There is opportunity to sign up now and actually get a lot of free oils – join Facebook community – my oil community for more information or message me.

The Beginnings

Building your own business, personal brand and everything is hard. It is bloody hard! I set up my blog in 2017 and I have probably changed it now more than 10 times in the search of my own voice and passion for living a healthy and fullfiled life. Below i my first photo session for the blog which at that time I thought would be about business.


Health Coach

I always had a passion for wellness.  Many people ask me why this career and not other. It could not be more far away from what I have been doing so far being Supply Chain Manager in the Oil&Gas company.

I disagree! Working in corporate or any other organisation (including running your own business) for that matter, requires healthy approach to life and prime mental health. Stress, pressure and ability to cope with organisational changes is of paramount importance first of all for yourself and then for others.

I noticed this in my final months. I was happy, fit and focused. I left with my head high. Why? Because I decided to work on myself, decided to get fitter and healthier by looking after my diet, my mindset and spirit. I was waking up early to perform my morning ritual of exercise, good nutritious breakfast,  meditation and journaling.

During early mornings I designed all my new career and my business, set up my website, and designed my roadmap to financial freedom and lifestyle I want in the future. Miracle mornings have changed my life in a very extra ordinary way. I highly recommend Hal Erlod’s books for personal development.

What is next?  

It does not mean that I have a perfect life and now earn enough money to sustain myself, and business. Yes I do earn some money but nowhere near enough to what I had and I am a lucky girl to have a husband who supports me and what I am trying to achieve.

I keep my costs to minimum but it also means that I choose my investments wisely. I put nearly everything what I earn back into the business. I make sacrifices and I have substantially limit to what I spend money on.

The exceptions are: education, essential oils, supplements, organic food and anything  to do with health – mine or my family. This is my brand and this is my choice, finally.

I have a lot of plans, and I keep trying new things. I love writing, and I have no problems with videos. I do not care about judgment and comparison. Look after your health and life well and it will look after you.

My aim is to gain financial freedom in 5 years. This is a very short time but I am determined. Why? As having money gives me choice to spend it on something I believe in. I want to spend on charitable causes, and travel. I want to support young women in pursue of their passion in life especially if it is focused on sustainable and cruelty-free projects, beautiful nourishing food, products and services. I want to write a book and support others who want to publish their own.

Health Coach

I want to leave legacy for my daughter that she will be proud of. I want to be a very healthy grandmother one day in memory of my Mum who passed away at the age of 52. I miss her every day!

So what I have planned for my lockdown Brithday? My first ever handstand, vegan cake and TikTok dance with my daughter and may be hubby will join in as well! Follow me on Instagram to see it! WellbeingSeekers is my account.  

With Love